Games you might like 5: Small World


It’S been a while and so I thought It’s time to talk about some more games you might not know of. Today I’d like to pitch you small world.

Do you like Risk? Me neither.

Risk is one of these games like Monopoly, clue or settlers of Catan that everyone owns a copy off. But like Monopoly it’s played out of tradition, is very much dependant on luck and the winner is who can outlast the rest.

Small world has a close resemblance to risk. It is played on a map with territories and every player has troops with whom he tries to take over more territories.

But this is where the resemblance ends. The “Small World” is a fantasy game with lots of colorful races of creatures which handle differently every game.

How does Commando Giants sound? Berserk Elves? Heroic skeletons?


But the improvements on the Risk principle don’t end there:

There is almost no luck in it, rarely if ever is a dice thrown.

It has a finite duration depending of the number of players, more players mean less rounds.

It is a different game every time, especially with some of the expansions.

You can’t really be sure who won until the end of the last turn.

So there you have it. It’s a fun game with loads of strategic possibilities. Try it out sometimes, and if you lack some local players, you can get it for pc or as an app instead.

See, no excuses possible. Try it!


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