Warhammer 1983 – 2015

Here we have it, the finished products.

Like I said, the point of this is to have something to remember Warhammer by. The way it was, the fun I had painting my first orcs, winning, loosing, the friends I made.

The way the Hobby used to be.

All the specialist games, Space Hulk, Blood Bowl leagues, Mordheim campaigns …

How the White Dwarf used to be and all the other magazines, the town crier, citadel magazine…

The way the local store was run, how it changed, what was lost – everything.

First I thought about making a Gravestone or something in that way. With loads of skulls, because what is Warhammer made of if nor 99% skulls. But that didn’t turn out so good, and I lost the Impulse and got lost in other projects.

Then I read the Age of Sigmar rules, the fluff, saw the models. It lit a fire.

Dead Warhammer Pendant:

This is a Pendant for a necklace or a key chain in the form of a skeletal, dead War Hammer. After all, what else would be left after a Warhammer died but skulls and bones?

If you like it you can get it here

Warhammer is dead

Dead War Hammer and Stand:

This is a dead skeletal War Hammer Figurine with a matching Stand. On the Stand is written “1983 – 2015” It can be printed in full color Sandstone or in Plastic. hopefully Shapeways will get around making plastic full color printable someday, but for now it’S good enough. If you like it, you can get it here.

Warhammer is dead2


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