The death of a War Hammer

It’s thursday again, and that means showing some progress again.

I began the preliminary work for the Void Stalker, still have to think a bit about whether I’ll make it in one piece or in some parts for a better price.

But that is still a thing of the far future, but here is a peek on what will be ready this saturday.


These here are some of the sketches I made for a project that has been stuck in my head for some while.

For those who don’t know already, I really like the wargame of Warhammer fantasy Battles, I own several armies, and the company who makes it blew up the Warhammer world and replaced it with the Age of Sigmar.

That’s not all they did, they added insult to injury countless times, but if you want to know more about that google for rage of Sigmar.

Wether or not you agree with my point, a great game has ended, and I’m making something nice to remember it by.

See you saturday.


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