Road to Fury 1: Fortuna’s a Bitch

So this weekend a Buddy of mine and me got together to have some classic postapocalyptic fun, Gorkamorka.

We took some time, dice and Legos and with that we made our 2 gangs. Mine was called “The Undersiders” and was led by Skitter. This up and coming Gang found their rival in Big Burt’s “Byrds of Prey”.

Both bands met each other on a desolate plain in the desert and so they decided to have a rumble in an honorable fashion. That means Head to Head, no shooting till some paint has been scratched.

The Undersiders revved their engines and screamed as loud as they could to unnerve the other gang, but the Byrds wer not impressed in the least, Burt gave the signal and they drowned out the Undersider’s noise completely. Skitter was taken aback by their show so Burt won the Initiative.

In true Gorker fashion he ordered his truck to charge straight towards the opposing vehicle. The Driver complied gladly and they rocketed forward in a nitro fuelled charge.

But something went wrong, the wheels lost traction and the truck began to spin uncontrollably, and when they finally managed to stop they were helpless with their ass towards the Undersiders.

Skitter seized this chance and ordered a charge himself. THis one worked perfectly and their bumper burst the Byrd’s fuel line and exploded their engine, throwing everybody off the truck in an awesome fireball.

That pretty much ended the battle except for the messy cleanup. When all was said and done the Byrds of prey had lost one of their own, but they managed to capture a Undersider Hostage in return. Burt was already imagining what terrors re could inflict on him in revenge when he got a message that Skitter would gladly exchange his man for the truck that they had captured.

It was a bad day to be Big Burt.


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