Get them while they are Hot

So, because of Shapeways’ awesome free worldwide shipping, I finally ordered some of my own models.

But what did I order?

A Bunch of ships, but to make it easier, i grafted them together like a Naval-Centipede.

Tau Ships Set

included are:

1 Protectorate Defender MK I

1 Harbinger Cruiser

1 Governor Escort

1 Guardian Escort

Eldar Escorts Set

included are:

1 Solanum Destroyer

1 Toxico Class Destroyer

1 Lupia Class Frigate

Also includes a Command Die

I’ll try to make some nice pictures of them once they are here. It’s nice to see the Shapeways process from the other side for once.

If you want them for yourself, you can get the Tau Ship Set here, and the Eldar Escort ship here.

Have a nice Weekend, and always remember the words of the immortal poet, Wil Wheaton “Play more Games”


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