Games you might like 4: Gorkamorka


As you can read, I have survived the weekend. It gave its best shot, but the sun didn’t kill me.

What it did however is drive me almost insane as it teamed up with the ever increasingly insane Warhammer age of Sigmar leaks.

No Points! Sigmarite! Ogors! Death Rattlers!….

Since modern Games Workshop was driving me Insane, I took a ride on the nostalgia train and tried something really old for the first time.


Gorkamorka is an awesome skirmish game from the old day, you know when GW was good and nice, Andy Chambers trounced Jervis Johnson and the White Dwarf came with awesome stuff. So a bit before my time, but I heard the old stories from the Elders.

In Gorkamorka, you have a small gang of Orks who hop on their Trukk and do what Orks do, fight, shoot, steal, build strange stuff. It’s awesome. You can customize anything in your Gang and it evolves and grows as the campaign goes on.

The way we played it was we fluffed it to a Mad Max universe, so we substituted Ork miniatures with Lego Minifigs and built awesome vehicles from Bricks. And come on, everybody has some leftover Lego somewhere.

All you need to play is some dice, a ruler and about 5 to 8 Minifigs, some weapons for them and a nice car to transport them. You can find the Rules here, and if you are familiar with Warhammer Fantasy (NOT AoS!) you know most of the rules already.

I really liked it and am trying to gather some players to play regularly. It is comparable to Necromunda or Mordheim but has the huge advantage of not needing awesome terrain to be played right.

So come on, give it a try.

Ps.: Shapeways has gone insane and has free shipping this Week, worldwide, so order now if you always wanted to order something but had to pay through the nose for postage.


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