Games you might like 3

How good are you at drawing?

Not that good? Ok how about drawing something in no time?

No good?


Hi, hope you had a nice Weekend. This time I want to talk about the awesome Partygame Telestrations.

In Telestrations you gather some of your friends and everyone gets a whiteboard notepad and a marker and then the Fun begins.

Everybody gets a random thing he has to draw in a time limit of about half a minute. Some are easy like Grilled Chicken or Gravity, but sometimes you have to draw something like Vegas Nightclub or Godfather.

As soon as the time runs out, the notepads are passed to the right and you have to guess what that messy scribble is supposed to be. You write that down and then you pass the pad again.

Now the next person has to draw what was written last and that continues until you have your original notepad back. Then you gotta see what the others made of your artwork.

Telestrations is incredible easy, fun, quick to pick up game that you can play with everybody of all ages. That is really had to pull of in todays over saturated Board game market.

So the next time your nephew or niece try to get you to play Candyland, try Telestrations instead.


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