Games you might like 2

Hello again,

Today I thought I could talk about an Insanely popular game. And rightly so.

Cards against Humanity

In CaH, a player reads a card with a question or a sentence with some Blanks. Then all the other players choose from their Answers Cards one card, these get shuffled, read in a (hopefully) funny way and afterwards one gets chosen as the most funny one.

The Player who gave that answer gets a point and whoever gets the most points wins.

On paper it sounds like a simple game for small children or really boring. Butt it isn’t. Why is that?

The secret ingredient lies in the types of answers.

On these nice little cards are the most offensive things the creators could think of. There is nothing better than a slightly drunk group of people who try to outdo each other in whoever gets most offensive, racist, sexist, speciesist, age-ist…

A point of warning. The game is not for children unless you want to corrupt their minds as fast as possible. I tell you, you will new sides and depths to people you’ve known for years.

Give it a try, it has several expansions, an awesome online community and you can download the core game for free here. (Even translated to many other Languages)

Have fun, and don’t blame me for anything, you have been warned!


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