Games you might like

Hello again, hope you survived the Weekend and nobody got cooked.

First off, here some progress reporting: Like how it’s coming along, but I’m taking my time with the wings, because they are the most distinctive feature of the Eldar ships and as such deserve attention.


As for me, I had a nice Board game day, though It was hot and steamy. Nice weather and knowing only people who live in the top floor are a bad combination, who would have guessed.

And as I was a slob this weekend and am writing this monday night, I’ll say a few nice words about one of the games.

One of the Games we played was Citadels, and it was a blast.

I got it as a gift for Christmas, haven’t had much chances to play it yet, ( too many good games to play), but I think that will should change. It will change!

In Citadels, each player is building a City, and as soon as somebody has eight different buildings the game ends and whoever has the most expensive City wins. This can happen surprisingly fast. Every turn could be your last, so you can’t hold anything back or you’ll lose.

Added to this, you have a set of Characters that the players draft, each with its own, easy to remember and use special rule. Kill other players, steal their money, or become the King. This game has many opportunities for conflict, but to me that’s just spice to a nice meal.

I dearly recommend it, you should try it. And if you do, use the optional action cards. they don’t make the game much more complicated but add awesome interactions and another bit of unpredictability.


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