Ace of Base

UnbenanntHope you had a nice weekend, but it’s back to work now.

Above you can see the first render for the next ship. Like I said before, it’s for the Eldar Fleet and even if it doesn’t look like much now, it will be a nice proxy for Specialist Games’ Eclipse cruiser.

I really like the Eldar ships and I love their sleek design, but I’m glad to work on a bigger ship again than the escorts.

Why is that? It’s because of how had it is to add a 3mm hole for a Base.

Partly it’s because of the thickness. The original models have only a 1mm hole in them, so it’s a lot easier to model the ship around them. I still prefer my way, even if it’s harder at first. For one, 1mm pins, at least on my ships, tend to break, a lot.

That’s why I love what Forgeworld did with the Tau bases where you had to cut off the top of the base and put the ship on the stump.

A 3mm Hole is also a good size for magnets, so you could make your whole Fleet easier to assemble without consorting to drilling Holes.

With the last ships I recognized another problem, too. Some Eldar ships have Wings that go straight down, or even a bit  bent towards the front, so that I had to lengthen the Ship or put the Base Right under the Nose. It wasn’t a big problem, but I’m so glad that I caught It before I was too far in the production. Imagine if I had to make special Bases for them, because usual ones wouldn’t work, ugh.

THe moral of the story: Modeling ships is sometimes not as easy as it look and problems can arise from the tiniest reasons, so beware. Cya.


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