On Tau Esthetics – part 3

Once again, If you haven’t read it already, you can find the last part here.

Now I had the rough of it, but that means that it’s time for the details.

From the beginning, I intended to make models for the whole Tau fleet. so I had to make up my mind on some things that they all should share.

First there are the simple shapes.

Tau prefer rounded shapes, but they are also rather pragmatic. To me that means, that even though most of their ships are modern and smooth, some parts are still flat or in right angles. For this, there are several cylinders and rectangles placed along the surface.

Likewise, all the turrets on all the ships are made in the same way, from simple cylinders. sometimes with added details, but mostly I kept it simple for the Tau.

Second, there was some of the stuff that I added on most of the ships, but not all.

Just like in real life. Every car will have wheels, but not every car has a roof. Not every car has four seats, but most have. Don’t try to make every ship look the same.If you do, why would anyone want more than one of them?

Some of the parts like this is the piping or the prow. With the piping I tried to tell somewhat of a story. The first ship, the Defender Mk I has very rough and obvious piping. But the later it went on, the more sophisticated it got. Sometimes smaller, sometimes less and sometimes more in line with the usual Tau-look.

All Tau Esthetics at once

My final advice in designing not only Tau, but everyone is this.

First look at what the Race has made already. What does it say about it, what is important to them? How do they do things and why do they do that.

That can take some time and several tries and lots of time. But once you “got” them, start making things they would want to make.

That’s all on Tau Ethics for now. I hope it was at least a tiny bit interesting. Cya.


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