On Tau Esthetics – part 2

If you missed part one, you can read it here.

With my first attempt scraped, I had to decide what to keep in spirit of the original model, and what to change. Today I’ll talk about what I kept.

A few years ago I watched the Zero Punctuation Episode on Brink, and the problems it has as compared to Team Fortress 2. That is, In brink you can’t distinguish anything from anything, whereas in TF2 you can tell the class somebody has after an instant. Why is that?

Because every class has a distinct silhouette. And even though now you can drown the characters in Hats, you can still make out what class it is. So I took a closer look on the Forgeworld ships I bought Years ago, measured them in every way I could think of. Then I made some really rough models, almost entirely composed out of simple cubes and cylinders. It doesn’t even take that many before you start to recognize what ship it is supposed to look like.Unbenannt

This process was made a bit easier by the fact that the Forgeworld Tau fleet has the most distinctive ships in Battlefleet Gothic that still are clearly composed by the same engineers. As you can see, the most important parts to the ships are of course, the wings. I really love the nice organic look of them. After them It’s a draw between the body and the turbines. Anything else is optional and so I left it away in favor of more original designs.

I’ll continue on them next week. If you see the awesome stuff on Shapeways or my Blog and think to yourself “I can do that too”, now is your chance. Shapeways has its maker’s may, and so you can get 10$ off on your order if you order your own design with this code: n74yv or you could use this link.

So now you don’t have any valid excuses, go on and make something awesome! Cya


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