On Tau Esthetics – part 1

The Hemlock is still on its way and should be out this weekend, but that’s in the future. Today I want to talk about how and why I design the ships the way I do.

When I first started making models for 3d-Printing, I tried my hand on a Castelan escort ship. Here is what it looked like. UnbenanntI stopped before the model was done because of two reasons.


It is too detailed. I want the ships to be cheap enough so people can buy some fleets rather easy. I really like the game, and I want to see it flourish, not only for well of players. So the ship should be printable in Strong & Flexible Plastic. That means 0.7 mm thickness at the least for every part that is a bit free-standing.


When I try to sell that, I’ll be sued. I’ll get Ceased and desisted before I see a single buck. I could have tried working around the first, but the second is insurmountable.

So I had to start fresh, dig deep and try to make something a whole lot more original, that still could be recognized as the ship it represents. That’s it for today, I’ll continue with this in a week. Cya


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