New – With Sound

Thought I could use the time I’m not home to let it render a slightly nicer video than my usual ones, and boy did my poor old pc take its time. But here it is, hope it’s ok.

I really like Arkham Horror.

It was the first cooperative game I got to play, a few years ago at the Spiel in Essen.

In it, you and your friends are some random people from the 1920s who are the only ones who can stop the awakening of some terrible old god. Everybody has to work together to send the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man back to which it came, and the game itself does everything to stop you.

It throws Monsters at you, sucks you to alien dimensions, throws you in the Loony Bin or leaves you lost in time and space. Arkham Horror is a hard game to beat, but when you finally do, boy that’s an awesome feeling.

Check it out if you can, it’s worth a try if you have some hours to burn. But play with somebody who played it before or with some of the cool fan-made flowcharts, because the rulebook can be hard to understand and is laid out kinda madness inducing (probably not a bug, but a Feature).


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