Work, Work!

The Battleship starts to look like something.


The top side is as good as done, but it need still loads of cleaning up and refining. There are so many hidden walls and useless polygons hidden in this thing. I’m even afraid that this might be the first model of mine that will break the polygon limit.

Will be a bitch to clean up if it does. Wish me luck.


2 thoughts on “Work, Work!

  1. Nick says:

    The work you’re doing is beautiful. I’ve loved Battlefleet Gothic (still think its one of the most fun GW games) and it broke my heart when the tau fleet was discontinued. Thank you for helping support this community with your beautiful models.

    PS. IS there a chance you might end up making Transports and Emissary like forgeworld did?


    1. Mc Cloud says:

      Thanks, mate. Don’t worry, the next models I’m making will be the missing Forgeworld Tau Ships. Maybe I’ll round the range out with some custom manta markers or so. After that? Dunno, maybe some Adeptus Mechanikus ships, or some Orkz?


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